More doesn’t mean better: Allied Races & Warcraft Minimalism

Allied Races are on their way. With each build, the PTR gives us more information about their story, their perks, and everything else they entail. By the looks of things, the pre-order for the expansion at the end of January is not out of the question. This puts me in a bit of a bind.

My last update to the Warcraft Minimalism project was back in April. (Where has the year gone?) At that time, I was planning to hunt for a new guild and become a main only player. Two weeks after the post published, Devlin was born and the search for a guild placed on permanent hiatus.

Minimizing my character load did make it easy to level up my alts and get all of the class mounts over the summer. But, it has left me it an unexpected position. With Allied Races joining the fight soon, how do they fit within the parameters I set for myself?

Let’s figure this out…

Allied Races Warcraft Minimalism

The New Shinies

It was confirmed at BlizzCon that will we be getting six more character slots to accommodate the new races for those of us with full server rosters. While this is great for those who love to have a stable of alts, the new slots don’t do much inside the Minimalism project. While I am tempted to use a new spot or two, I will resist at the start and adjust as I go. I like the idea of rolling new Iron Man characters on my home server and will probably leave the spots for these type of special projects.

The first three

If I am not going to roll new characters, it means I will have to go the race change route. This keeps my roster of one of each class intact while still getting the benefits of the new races.

Nightborne – I already have three Blood Elves (Mage, DH, and Warlock) which is more than enough. Switching my Warlock is a no-brainer. She is my scribe. She is also named her after a New Zealand winery, and we know the Nightborne are all about their Arcwine.

Highmountain Tauren – Based on the class available to Highmountain Tauren, I only have one choice, and that is my Druid. I am fine with this. He was my boost with Warlords, leveled by the pre-expansion event, and then to 110 by Legion invasion. I don’t have much attachment to him as a Tauren. Also, he’ll get to be a moose!

Void Elf – I only have one Alliance character, a Night Elf Rogue. Never liked her as Night Elf but had no reason to do anything with her. This is not complicated. I am race changing her to Void Elf. I may want to play her more too. Bring on the glowy hair!

The other three

Of the remaining Allied Races only one should be expected with the pre-order and Lightforged Draenei is not a class I am interested in playing. I had a Draenei once. She is now a Troll shaman. With that said, my feelings may change based on how the new scaled leveling works and the pet they start with as a hunter. If both provide enough value, I may consider rolling one.  Zandalari Troll and Dark Iron Dwarf will be looked at after Battle for Azeroth releases. It will be a while before these two races become a factor in Warcraft Minimalism. No need to overthink it right now.

Allied Races Warcraft Minimalism Sylvanas

Financially, the plan I have laid out for my alts is expensive. Between the Battle for Azeroth pre-order, along with three races changes, is going to cost a lot of gold. Luckily, I am not in a hurry to have all the new races at release and will take my time. Which is fine, because making gold is why I play the game.

How will you be approaching Allied Races? Share your plan in the comments!

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  1. It’s too soon for me to even touch on this. I’m torn between keeping the races I have in place now (all of which I love), and adding the new races in, or race changing to avoid a full roster of 18 characters. I have duplicate races on my Horde squad which would work out well. At the end of the day it’ll depend on whether I want all the legacy transmogs or not.

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