Azeroth in the Summer: The lazy days of alts

My time in Azeroth usually slows during the summer months. Last summer, I had little time to play due to family responsibilities I touched on last week. We also had the tail end of Warlords wearing on everyone and the anticipation of the big push to Legion. This year, however, Devlin significantly altered my ability to play. Being at home almost 24-7, and being awake at all sorts of hours made for a higher chance to log-in, but not necessarily more playtime.

Broximar Azeroth Druid Alt 

This summer I have been able to do something I have never done less than a year into an expansion – have all my alts at max level. And it wasn’t that hard to do thanks to the Warcraft Minimalism project (Please return to the intro post to understand the how it all started).  After the release of 7.2.5 on June 13th added heirlooms up to 110, the process of leveling became a cakewalk.

Three ingredients to quick leveling

In the post 7.2.5 world of Azeroth, with Broken Isles flying, heirlooms, and legion assaults, characters can be leveled in a just few days to a week. It all comes down to how many assaults you can hit. For this, I will be focusing on the final five alts I needed to level – Rogue, Druid, Monk, Priest, and Warrior.

With three leather classes to level, the value for gold of upgrading the leather heirlooms was a no-brainer. I went ahead and purchased the cloth heirlooms for the Priest since I had never played the class (level 100 boost from Legion). I decided to hold off on the upgrades for the Warrior, partly to save on gold, but also as an experiment to see how hard it was without gear that scaled.

With the heirlooms purchased, I set the leveling order…

  1. Druid
  2. Monk
  3. Rogue
  4. Priest & Warrior (leveled simultaneously)

…and waited for assaults to be up.

When assaults were up, fly to the assault zone, join groups through World Quest Group Finder and try to participate as best you can. A typical assault with full heirlooms nets around a level to a level and a half. So, if you can hit seven assaults, you can hit max level in a few days. However, I supplemented the assaults with the class hall campaign. Since the end goal is the class mount, I did not want to waste XP from the campaign quests. I also have gathering professions on all of these alts, meaning the herbalism and mining quests provided additional experience.

I started leveling the Druid on June 15th through the process that worked for me before heirlooms, dinging 110 on June 27th. The Monk began the next day and reached max on July 6th. I took a short break before starting the Rogue on July 12th. After the Rogue dinged 110 on July 22nd, I started the Priest and Warrior at the same time, leveling in tandem. They hit max level in five days – and the Warrior was without heirlooms. Six weeks from when I started I was done all five –  and all twelve classes.


Now, if you’re worried about not having the Pillars of Creation, I have not found this to be an issue. All of my alts are being leveled to unlock the class mount – which doesn’t require any of the Pillars. The zone questing is somewhat irrelevant for what I am working on with these characters.

Other tools and tips to use

Legion Companion App – Take advantage of XP missions while you are not able to log-in. You should never have to worry about order hall resources thanks to completing Legion Assaults. Keeping up with your missions will also ensure your champions are leveling with you. You’ll need them to be leveled up for the end of the Broken Shore questline. If you decided to dive right into unlocking your class mount, make sure you keep up! Also, if you have a baby who gets up at 3 am, you can check at any hour without having to go to your computer!

Lots of Lists – I use Evernote (Premium Referral Link) to keep things straight in my life. After Devlin arrived, I could not have Warcraft related to-do’s clogging up my mind, so I built a checklist document. It was quick, easy, and I can update it on any device I own. When I think of something I need to do in the game, just add it to my Evernote and get it out of my head.

Azeroth Alts List

For the image above, I created a 3×2 grid and simply entered a checklist in each. I personally don’t want more than six going at any one time, but, of course, you can add as many as you would like. I find having the checklists solves the problem “What am I going to do today?” question every time.

I also want to send a shout out to @MarshMeileo on Twitter for the unbelievably detailed Google sheet they shared. I will absolutely be adapting it for my own use in the near future. 

Legion Invasion Timer –  A fantastic little add-on which shows the next eight invasion times so you can plan accordingly. It is handy to know when you need to be logged-in for 20 minutes to complete the assault. If you don’t want to go the add-on route, Wowhead has a timer on the front page of their site.

Live in Azeroth however you want

In my thoughts on 7.2, I touched on how this is the best time to do whatever you want in Azeroth. And I still wholeheartedly believe this to be true. With a month until the one year anniversary of Legion’s release, I am not feeling the same burnout or seeing any mass disappointment with how the game has been handled this expansion. Since there is no wrong way to play World of Warcraft, I’ve chosen to level my alts. I wanted to see all the class hall campaigns and I am happy I have. The next logical step for me is to unlock all class mounts – which I want to do before the one year mark at the end of August.

Broximar Azeroth Class Mount Warlock

My ability to stay focused and move forward with these plans all stem from the groundwork I laid in February with Warcraft Minimalism. It has made me excited to play the game and gives me a purpose to continue. Who knows? Depending on when 7.3 is released, I may have a week or a month to prep for it. Regardless of what happens, I will have a plan and every one of my characters will be ready to forge ahead to Argus.

 Does your playtime drop in summer? How do you plan your game time when you do play? Let me know in the comments! 

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