Lazy Sunday Morning Links Vol.10

The Sunday Morning Links return after a few weeks away. I’ll be honest, my motivation was just not what it needed to be to get the posts completed. Also, I very little content to share from being head down in work. Now, things have slowed down and I was able to go down a few rabbit holes. Below is what I found.

Lazy Sunday Morning Links

Eyes and Ears

Video: Hard Times by Paramore | I have been listening to this new Paramore track way too much since it dropped on Thursday. Paramore has been a constant in my life since 2005. Songs from All We Know is Falling still have a spot on my running mixes. The new song is hit of 80s nostalgia mixed with mid-aughts pop-punk. My wheelhouse.


Podcast: 10% Happier with Dan Harris | The episode of the podcast I am sharing this week is Dan’s interview of Sam Harris. I was first introduced to both Dan Harris and Sam Harris (no relation) through the Minimalism Documentary. I am not entirely sure how to classify this podcast, but it is a fascinating listen with two very smart individuals.

Watch:  Jeff Kaplan reads IGN Comments from IGN | Jeff from the Overwatch team is one of my favorite internet creations. Thank you Dinoflask. However, the video from IGN is real Jeff Kaplan responding to comments from IGN – without prep. It is truly in-the-moment. It is video game/internet gold.

Reading Links

Blog:  I Said ‘Yes’ to Everything for a Week and Ended Up in the Hospital on Vice | What if you agreed to everything presented to you in a week? This guy did it. It did not turn out great.

Blog:  Un-Social Media is Killing Our Mojo! by Scott Livingston | How do you look at social media? Better question. How should you look at social media? I am trying to improve how I engage with the platforms and this post is a great reminder.

Blog:  Feds Warn Social Media ‘Influencers’ To Stop It Already With The Stealth Ads from Consumerist | Nice to see the FTC looking into some of the fake-ass shit being posted by “influencers” on Social Media. Not that I follow many of them, but there are some cosplayers pushing that scam tea, so…

Blog: And now, something for our non-partnered streamers!  from Twitch | Twitch has been dropping some big news and updates over past few weeks, but this announcement feels like a missing piece. Announced on Friday, a new affiliate program has been introduced. I expect to see much more engaged streams and better content in the near future. Heck, it even has me streaming again!

Sunday Morning Links Twitch Affiliate


Blog: Are You Shadowbanned on Instagram?  from PetaPixel | Instagram has been screwing around with Hashtags and business accounts. It sucks. I found this week that both my account and Kyla’s business account are part of the ban. This means that our posts do not show up in hashtag summaries. I am working to improve our accounts and looking on how to get us back in the summary. Probably will be a blog post this week.

What are some of your favorites things from the week? Share in the comments!

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