Lazy Sunday Morning Links Vol. 11

Hi, my name is Jesse, and this is the return of the Sunday Morning Links. Difficult to imagine all the changes in my life that have taken place with the arrival of Devlin in early May. I am excited to be returning to the blog after months away, to start sharing some stories and observations from my first few months as a parent. But first, links to what has kept me occupied while we adapted to life with Devlin.

Lazy Sunday Morning Links

How I stayed Entertained Links

Game:  Horizon Zero Dawn | Being stuck on a couch at 4 am has its benefits – I rediscovered my PS4. So much praise has been lauded on this game and for a good reason – it lives up to all of the hype. I was completely engulfed in the world and with Aloy, the protagonist. It sucked me in so much I am over 100 hours played, and it is the first game I ever 100%. The PlayStation has many solid games, but this experience was worth buying the system. I can’t wait for the DLC to drop later this year.

 Links Horizon Zero Day

Podcast: 10% Happier with Dan Harris | I have spoken before about my love of Dan Harris’ podcast, but during the time away, I dove into the archive. However, the best episode I listened to was very recent – from June 28th – with Gary Vee. Give a listen if you don’t believe in meditation.

Shows: Attack on Titan & Death Note | Anime had always been a blind spot for me. Yes, I watched Pokemon growing up and have seen Cowboy Bebop, but that is about my history with the genre. I decided to start with the big two on Netflix. They did not disappoint, especially Death Note. Now, the new movie, um… let’s not talk about that shall we?

Game: Mini Metro |  A very therapeutic game about building subway systems. It is minimalist and low stakes. Fabulous distraction while Devlin slept on my chest in bed.

Game: Star Wars: Puzzle Droids | A very satisfying match-three game. It is P2W but never feels inaccessible or that they want you to buy.

Music:  Roger Clyne and The Peacemakers | Roger Clyne’s first band, The Refreshments, had a few hits in the mid-nineties and then faded away for most people. I’ve stuck around with them since the days Banditos was on the radio. Earlier in 2017, they released a live recording which perfectly captures why I still love them and why Mekong is still my favorite song of all time.

Stream:  Cuppcaake | I love seeing how far Ashley has progressed with her stream over the last year. Her Mercy play is exceptional, and her stream is a ton of fun. Deserving of a follow if you don’t already.

And now for some Reading Links

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Sunday Links Instagram Tailwind




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