Lazy Sunday Morning Links Vol. 13

Far too long between round-ups, but here we are. Two months since the last Sunday Morning Links.  I knew an infant would mess with my schedule but not to this extent. Fun Fact: It took 9 hours for me to complete my Travel post on Friday.

Now… To Links!

Lazy Sunday Morning Links

Eyes and Ears

Podcast: The Couragecast from Andrea Crisp | Episode 10 features my boss, and wife, Kyla Roma. Kyla speaks on how she has adapted to life with GAD, Depression, and Bi-polar II all while building a business that supports our family and lifestyle. I am so proud of her strength, resilience, and heart.

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Music: Muse Essentials Playlist | With Muse announced as the band for this year’s BlizzCon, Richard (xSushi on Twitter) compiled the must-listen playlist on Spotify. I know I will be giving it a few playthroughs between now and November 4th.


Stream: Lex Lopez on Twitch | I want to give a quick shoutout to my friend, Lex who is working towards his affiliate status. He is someone who helped me reach affiliate status and I want to return the favor.

Discord: Broxichat | As my stream grows, I start doing more streamer related actions – like starting a Discord channel! It is open to all with special areas for my Twitch subscribers.

KLM: KLM Gave Out VR Headsets | Adweek shares a lighthearted new campaign for KLM. Or you could just watch it below.


And now for some Reading Links

From Blizzard: BlizzCon Schedule is out! | Plan accordingly.

From Blizzard Watch: Legion Q&A Liveblog | The best roundup post from the latest live Q&A with Ion and Lore. Thank you, Lore, for saying Alts are fine because Alts are fine.

From Jon Westenberg on Medium: Stop Demanding Attention And Start Earning It | One of the best things I have read in weeks. I will always share this article.  

From Retail Dive: 70% of brands use Instagram influencers | Even your friends may be an influencer. (Full Disclosure: I have partnered with brands on my account and I only have 3400 followers)

From Problogger:  Why You Need to Stop Focusing on ‘Vanity’ Stats | Growing a blog or following is more than follower numbers and likes. Know the right things to track!

From The Spruce: Why Millennial Parents Embrace Minimalism | I do it to spend more time with my son. Less clutter means less responsibility to the things that own me and more time for him.

From XOSarahGrow Your ‘Gram Challenge! | A free five day Instagram challenge starting tomorrow. Sarah is a great instructor. Don’t miss out!

From Twitch: SUBtember Extended! | Finally, a reminder that SUBtember has been extended until October 18th. Get 50% off your first-month sub on any new Twitch sub – including me!

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What are some of your favorite things from the past seven days?

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