Lazy Sunday Morning Links Vol. 14

Welcome to the first Sunday Morning Links of 2018 made possible by Kyla kicking me out of the house on Saturday afternoon.

See, I don’t leave the house much anymore. I spend most of my time with Devlin. Which is awesome and I love it, however, it means I rarely take a moment for myself outside of 5 AM hour and the 8 PM hour.

Here are some of the things I’ve like during the quiet moments:

Lazy Sunday Morning Links

Eyes and Ears

Music: Common Ground by Above & Beyond – I fell in love with A&B during our first trip to Europe in 2015. I slept from Toronto to London listening to their last release, We Are All We Need, on repeat. Their new release, Common Ground is a great straight-through listen. My personal favorite on the fifth track, Sahara Love.

Single: Get Out by Chvrches – AHHHH, New Chvrches! Just listen. It is so good!

Community: BlizzIGFamily on Twitch – The BlizzIGFamily hashtag was created a few years ago by a select few of us on Instagram to track everyone’s posts easily. Since the initial inception, it has spawned a couple meet-ups, a Discord channel, and few Twitter lists. Last week I added a Twitch community to the mix. Anyone from the Blizzard Instagram Community is welcome to stream to this community.

Stream Event: Critical Cause – A Winnipeg based 24-hour stream event raising money for local mental health initiatives. The event takes place on April 28th and will be available to watch all day, hosted on my stream.

And now for some Reading Links

From Crazy Egg: 7 Reasons to Lay a Bet on Instagram Micro-Influencers in 2018 – No one should ever refer to themselves as an “influencer” ever. Just don’t do it. However, it is a thing and we need to be aware of it and we should have an idea of how to engage with a brand if they approach looking at a partnership.

From Creative Live Blog: Creativity is Neuroscience: 6 Ways to Get Your Brain in Create Mode – A great reminder of why we need to get bored, among other tips.

From Twitch: Twitch Community Guidelines Updates – The pressure was on and Twitch needed to react. The rules go into effect this week. It will be worth watching to see how they are enforced.

From CBC: A master class in compassion – Sarah Silverman’s response to a troll is worth your time. I tend to ignore, mute, or block without engaging. She engaged and shows that on the other side of the keyboard, is a cry for help.

From Psychology of Games: Using Psychology and Loot Boxes to Destroy Video Games: A Fun and Practical Guide – Long title but a quick read with good sources to dive further down the rabbit hole.


What are some of your favorite things from the past seven days?

Share them in the comments!

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