Lazy Sunday Morning Links Vol.7

Another Sunday. Another group of links. Gonna keep this short and sweet this morning because I have three levels to get through on the Paladin today to have the leveling plan complete. I am excited to move on to new plans in preparation for 7.2. Watch out for more in blog posts this week.

Let’s dive into the links, shall we?

Lazy Sunday Morning Links

Eyes and Ears

Video:   Being a Minimalist with JP Sears | This wins. JP wins. It is also absolutely correct.

Podcast: Criticism from Let’s Know Things | Colin Wright’s podcast is one of the best out there. This week he looks at how criticism, access, and audience tastes now play into the analysis of everything.

Song: Parking Lot by blink-182 |  A deluxe version of California is coming in May. I guess it will be baby’s first new record. The first track was released this week featuring Matt Skiba on lead. This is right in my wheelhouse.

Reading Links

Blog:  WoW Wednesday on MMOGames | Sarah from AlternativeChat expands on the Minimalism in Warcraft idea with a great post on MMOGames this week.

Blog: 10 Things Minimalists Don’t Do by Melissa Camara Wilkins | A great reminder of what to strive for with minimalism.  Or you can go the JP route. Both are allowed. It is your journey.

Article: Winnipeg’s Pop-Up Art in The LA Times | A great write-up on my city showing how we embrace the winter. I am one of the crazy people that likes living here so this validation by a Southern California new agency makes me feel good.

Blog:  How to Choose Your Blog Topic By Dani Stewart | Dani writes some amazing content for the ConvertKit blog.  In this post, she looks at the best way to discover your content and gives some important questions to ask.

Gaming and Leisure

Announcement: Blizzcon | The worst kept secret in the world of Blizzard was released this week –  the dates for Blizzcon. I asked Kyla if I could add a trip down on to the baby registry, but that was nixed. It still doesn’t mean I won’t try to get down again this year. Tickets are on sale April 5th and April 8th. Stay off Twitter during these days.

Sunday Links Blizzcon Dates

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