Lazy Sunday Morning Links Vol.9

Happy April! I hope yesterday, with all of its jokes and pranks, didn’t leave you too tired to read stuff on the internet.  We return to the standard Sunday morning links format today. No jokes, only my favorite things of the past seven days.

Lazy Sunday Morning Links

Eyes and Ears

Watch: Minimalism | The documentary from The Minimalist that hit me like a dump truck last year and kicked things into overdrive for me is now available worldwide on Netflix. Find an hour, watch it, and let me know what you think.


Podcast: Influence Marketing from Let’s Know Things | Colin Wright is killing it with this podcast right now. With this installment, he tackles advertising in the age of social media and how the content you see may not always be legit.

Watch:  Nerf John Wick from Corridor Digital | This well produced 3-minute video will make you look at Nerf weapons in a whole new way.

Reading Links

Blog:  How To Kill Your Phone Addiction with 4 Settings, 1 Hair Band, and a Post-It Note from Digital Telepathy | This is the challenge I am taking on for April (along with the last 16 days of Lent). Could you do this? Willing to try?

Blog:  Your Desk Will Not Attend Your Funeral by Todd Brison | Great perspective in this quick read on Medium. Remember – People, not things.

Blog:  Strategic ways to get links to your website from Copyblogger | This is a nice follow-up to last Sunday’s links post. Once you have a blog, how do you get people to link back to it? Some good advice found here.

Blog: How we have screwed over creative people by Jon Westenberg | The second entry from Medium (because is becoming one of my favorite sites for new ideas) looks at the creative and the struggles of free.

Gaming and Leisure

Kickstarter: Con before the Storm | CbtS is always a great event put on by the Warcraft community. I have been supporting them for a few years and this year will be no different. This is their fifth year of hosting the pre-Blizzcon event and they want to make it the best. They have some lofty stretch goals which I would love to see them reach.

BlogIs Warcraft Escapist Entertainment? on MMOGames | Sarah from Alternative Chat takes a very detailed look at the state of the game, why we play, and how this game has changed in 12 years.

Trailer: Destiny 2 | I did not play the first Destiny. I was tempted, but it didn’t work out. The surprise unveiling of Destiny 2 this week has me interested to not miss it this time. The addition of Nathan Fillion and the fact it is being released on PC seals the deal. No pre-order, of course, but I suspect it will be a day three purchase.


What are some of your favorites things from the week? Share in the comments!

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