The first true test for minimalism in Azeroth

It’s patch day for Azeroth. Later today, when servers come back online, patch 7.2 – The Tomb of Sargeras –  will be live in North America. In the past, this day meant a mad rush to get going on all the latest things. Log in to all of my characters. Start working on every new bit of content. But, not this time.  This time I have to be intentional. Today is also a patch day of sorts for Warcraft minimalism.

Minimalism in Azeroth Tomb of Sargeras Warcraft

Minimalism in Azeroth – 7.2 Edition

Patch 7.2 is going to be different than the past for me. This patch is the first major update to the game that gives me an opportunity to focus and play with intention.  It is also the first real test of the minimalism project I have been doing over these past few weeks. Minimalism in Azeroth was simple when nothing was tempting me. When there is no carrot dangling in front of you, your ability to stay focussed is easier. Obviously, as the world expands and more is added to the game, the ‘things to do’ requirement increases. The Warcraft team is boasting how this is the biggest patch ever. What I need to do is make it the smallest it can be for me.

The three steps of Warcraft minimalism:

  1. Declutter
  2. Plan
  3. Adjust

If it is not broken (shore) don’t fix it

The original plan has worked extremely well. All the non-archived characters were leveled by the release of the patch. Four (Hunter, Shaman, Warlock, and Death Knight) have finished their artifact campaign with the Demon Hunter and Paladin not too far behind. Professions have all reached various states of progress. Gold was made. AP was collected. I have reached a good balance with this roster of characters.

Decluttering this time around doesn’t refer to the items in game but to the number of options in front of me. It is now time to take a step back and re-focus my efforts in Azeroth. One character and one task. All the others can wait.

Focus on the task at hand

My primary focus at the release of this patch is Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part Two.  Unlocking flying will take a few weeks. I am aware of this. But, it is also something I have some control over and can make progress at every time I play. My plan is to play Brox exclusively over the next two to three weeks. I’m looking forward to returning to him and remembering how to hunter. He is the breadwinner of my characters after all. Zug Zug It’s time for him to get to back to work.

And baby makes three

Adjustment this time will come in the form of a newborn. Kyla and I are roughly seven weeks from the arrival of our first child. I know everything changes at this moment and that I am playing with limited time right now. Class mounts won’t be available until week 11 at the earliest. I will be head down in diapers and drool at this point. So, I will not even worry myself about them. I know I will not be finishing this storyline until late summer and I am okay with that. After all, this is all a leisure activity.


For Azeroth, and also for me

At the end of the day, the minimalism project reminds me that this game is something I do for fun. The moment Warcraft stops adding value to my day is the moment I need to walk away. Knowing I have limitations and boundaries are crucial to my game experience. They make it easy for me to hop in, play for a time, and leave feeling like I made progress.

I am quite excited for all of the new content arriving today. But I’m more excited to continue moving forward as a minimalist in Azeroth.


How are you planning for this patch?  What are your goals for 7.2? 

Let me know in the comments!

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