And then there was one: A new direction for Warcraft Minimalism

I have hit a roadblock with the Warcraft Minimalism project. The plan I laid out for this patch is not working. Flying has made everything easier and, in turn, feels as if I should be doing it all. I know this is not the case, but I am struggling. I called Patch 7.2 the first true test and I even though I praised flying last week, something’s not quite right. A new direction is needed.

Weapon New Directions Warcraft Minimalism


Something drastic must take place.

Breaking away

I have had a guild for my alts since the end of Burning Crusade. Like most alt guilds, I made it for my bank toon. Over time all of my alts have joined. Kyla’s characters are in it. And since the middle of Mists of Pandaria, my main has been in the guild too. While playing with all my characters in one spot for such a long time has me quite self-sufficient, it also means I am a little out of touch. Outside of Twitter conversations, I don’t have any understanding of how people feel about the state of the game. I also do not experience a lot of the content.

A short list of things I have not done in Legion:

  • Mythic+ Dungeons
  • Raiding
  • PvP Battlegrounds
  • Communicated with anyone in game

There are ways I could do these things and stay in my current guild, but it is not the easiest. It is also something I don’t want to take on right now. What I need to do to is find a new home. I have exhausted the options on my server. Now is the time to leave the comfort of Bladefist and make my way in the world.

Finding my place

The move to finding a new guild on a new server means I am making a choice to leave my safety net behind. The Wow Token makes it easier to transfer since there is no money out of pocket. And because of this fact, I have nothing to lose.

However, finding a guild has been difficult.

New Directions Warcraft Minimalism

I started by putting out a call on Twitter. A few offers came my way, but the majority of them were for Alliance guilds. Changing factions is not an option right now, and I’m confident I can find a Horde guild.  I tried looking at the official forums but my eyes glazed by the middle of the page. Reddit was even worse. I know I will need to make one of these options work. However, I am not a high-level raider. My schedule is iffy.  But, I am fun in guild chat. That should be enough, right?

I think I need a LinkedIn profile for my main. 

Power of one

The Warcraft Minimalism project is taking the next logical step – the move to one character. On the stream this week, I will be prepping all of my characters for my main’s move off the server.  Since I can only take 250k gold with me, I need to strategically prep for the move. Just like I did when I began this project, I’ll do another decluttering. An archiving process will take place for some characters. Legion may be alt-friendly, but it doesn’t mean I have to play the alts – especially if it stops being fun.

New Directions Flying Warcraft Minimalism

I’m excited and a little nervous about the move to a single character for the foreseeable future. Shifting focus now will make playing the game easier down the line. With our little one arriving sometime in the next few weeks, knowing that I only have to be concerned about one character will be a blessing. Finding a guild will also make me a better player.

Simplifying is always the best route to go.

How did you come to be in your current guild?  Let me know in the comments!


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7 Replies to “And then there was one: A new direction for Warcraft Minimalism”

  1. I moved to Dalaran about a year ago to join an “old-people’s guild”. That didn’t work out but I’ve stayed on that server since it’s high-pop, well-balanced, and a recommended new player server so there’s always fresh blood. I miss the RP aspect sometimes but I really don’t have time to RP right now anyway. My current guild, , I found on the server forums. It’s a nice medium size guild that is laid-back and fun, and enjoys raiding & mythic+ dungeons.

    If I were Horde I would look into Reciprocity, they seem like an active and fun bunch.

  2. I am interested in seeing how the move works out. I think my lack of a quality guild has been ruining my experience in legion. I havent been playing consistently enough to use wow gold to fund a transfer so I usually just reroll and level quickly

    1. Thanks, me too! I hadn’t thought about doing the speed leveling route to find a guild before moving. Might be worth considering. Thanks for the idea.

  3. I was introduced to the then Guildeader of my current Guild by the GL of my Guild at the time at a RL warcraft meet up.

    When that GL and the guild raid team decamped to another server ( without warning) i joined my current Gulld.

  4. Alea Iacta Est on the Earthen Ring server is a great guild. found myself searching for a good guild to play with at the end of wrath after bouncing between several ok and some awful guilds on my previous server. AIE now consists of like 13 coguilds, with a large group of friendly helpful people. It started out based around The Instance podcast and has grown (alot) from there. You can check us out at good luck and i hope you find a guild 🙂

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