Azeroth in the Summer: The lazy days of alts

My time in Azeroth usually slows during the summer months. Last summer, I had little time to play due to family responsibilities I touched on last week. We also had the tail end of Warlords wearing on everyone and the anticipation of the big push to Legion. This year, however, Devlin significantly altered my ability to play. Being at home almost 24-7, and being awake at all sorts of hours made for a higher chance to log-in, but not necessarily more playtime.

Broximar Azeroth Druid Alt 

This summer I have been able to do something I have never done less than a year into an expansion – have all my alts at max level. And it wasn’t that hard to do thanks to the Warcraft Minimalism project (Please return to the intro post to understand the how it all started).  After the release of 7.2.5 on June 13th added heirlooms up to 110, the process of leveling became a cakewalk.

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Lazy Sunday Morning Links Vol. 12

Welcome to another installment of Sunday Morning Links!

It is great to be back on the site and updating again. If you haven’t already, please check out Monday’s post. Of course, on my first full week back I lose two days due to a technical issue, but SSL is now working. Hopefully, Google is much friendlier to the site.

Now, links!

Lazy Sunday Morning Links

Eye and Ears

Presentation: The Four – What To DoA brilliant presentation from Scott Galloway, Professor of Marketing at the NYU Stern School of Business and Founder of L2, that shares how the traditional rules of business don’t apply to the Big Four (Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google) and identify ways that brands and companies can fight back.


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How embracing minimalism prepared me for parenthood

A year ago, I dove headfirst into embracing minimalism as a lifestyle.

Kyla’s grandmother passed at the end of June 2016. It blindsided all of us. Less than 24 hours after the ambulance took her to the hospital, she was gone. At that time, I had also recently quit my job of nine years and began to do work with Kyla. Our work together was put on hold for all of July 2016, so I could help prep her grandmother’s house for sale.

As this was happening, I had also recently rediscovered The Minimalists. I had looked at their blog a few times before, but never with any seriousness. It was interesting, but I wasn’t ready for it. Their documentary, Minimalism, had a screening in town a few weeks before the death in the family. I connected with Joshua and Ryan as someone who had quit a corporate job and was looking for something else. Being tasked with cleaning out a house of almost 50 years, made their words even stronger. I would spend my entire time purging, cleaning, and prepping items for sale listening to their podcast. Completely emptying a house in a couple of weeks made me want to do the same to our house and life.

Two weeks after we finished prepping the house for sale, Kyla was pregnant.

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Lazy Sunday Morning Links Vol. 11

Hi, my name is Jesse, and this is the return of the Sunday Morning Links. Difficult to imagine all the changes in my life that have taken place with the arrival of Devlin in early May. I am excited to be returning to the blog after months away, to start sharing some stories and observations from my first few months as a parent. But first, links to what has kept me occupied while we adapted to life with Devlin.

Lazy Sunday Morning Links

How I stayed Entertained Links

Game:  Horizon Zero Dawn | Being stuck on a couch at 4 am has its benefits – I rediscovered my PS4. So much praise has been lauded on this game and for a good reason – it lives up to all of the hype. I was completely engulfed in the world and with Aloy, the protagonist. It sucked me in so much I am over 100 hours played, and it is the first game I ever 100%. The PlayStation has many solid games, but this experience was worth buying the system. I can’t wait for the DLC to drop later this year.

 Links Horizon Zero Day

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Why I play

Recently, while streaming Warcraft, I was asked a relatively straightforward question:

“How do you still play this game?”

Aside from the obvious answer “I log in,” I was a bit dumbfounded. I had never been asked about my allegiance to World of Warcraft over other Blizzard Games or even other video games in general. The thought of why I still played or cared about an over 12-year-old game, hadn’t crossed my mind. It took me a moment to process, and then it hit me – playing Warcraft pays the bills.

Gold Making Playing Warcraft

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And then there was one: A new direction for Warcraft Minimalism

I have hit a roadblock with the Warcraft Minimalism project. The plan I laid out for this patch is not working. Flying has made everything easier and, in turn, feels as if I should be doing it all. I know this is not the case, but I am struggling. I called Patch 7.2 the first true test and I even though I praised flying last week, something’s not quite right. A new direction is needed.

Weapon New Directions Warcraft Minimalism


Something drastic must take place.

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Lazy Sunday Morning Links Vol.10

The Sunday Morning Links return after a few weeks away. I’ll be honest, my motivation was just not what it needed to be to get the posts completed. Also, I very little content to share from being head down in work. Now, things have slowed down and I was able to go down a few rabbit holes. Below is what I found.

Lazy Sunday Morning Links

Eyes and Ears

Video: Hard Times by Paramore | I have been listening to this new Paramore track way too much since it dropped on Thursday. Paramore has been a constant in my life since 2005. Songs from All We Know is Falling still have a spot on my running mixes. The new song is hit of 80s nostalgia mixed with mid-aughts pop-punk. My wheelhouse.


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What are you willing to say “No” to?

There is a stigma around no. No is not a bad word. It is not a selfish word. It is a word that helps us create our ideal life. Without it, we are miserable.

Arrows Black Shoes No

Every Sunday, I sit down to look at my week ahead with one question in mind. “What can I remove?” The idea behind this is to stop doing things that are not essential. If the plans for a day are not necessary, they need to go.

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Lazy Sunday Morning Links Vol.9

Happy April! I hope yesterday, with all of its jokes and pranks, didn’t leave you too tired to read stuff on the internet.  We return to the standard Sunday morning links format today. No jokes, only my favorite things of the past seven days.

Lazy Sunday Morning Links

Eyes and Ears

Watch: Minimalism | The documentary from The Minimalist that hit me like a dump truck last year and kicked things into overdrive for me is now available worldwide on Netflix. Find an hour, watch it, and let me know what you think.


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