Battle for Azeroth predictions, speculations, and where I stand

Talk of the next Warcraft expansion began in the summer, even before the launch of Tomb of Sargeras. Recently, it has taken on a life of its own post-BlizzCon and with the recent information found on Allied Races on the 7.3.5 PTR. I have been making some wild claims on Twitter since early July regarding the new expansion. The time has finally come to centralize those thoughts (and tweets) to see where I stand.

Battle for Azeroth Broximar Predictions


Before BlizzCon

Over the summer I made my first wild claim on Twitter of my thoughts on the release timeline.



I have chosen my hill to die on, and it is this tweet. The first two were gimmes. Safe bets. With NDA’s I may be right on alpha, but probably not. The last two are where things get interesting.

Beta – I originally chose March because of the lull I expected after the raid. Choosing a month is vague so I will now adjust the date to the end of March 2018. Blizzard understands the marketing cycle and that beta releases are just as much marketing as they are playtesting nowadays. Warcraft has an amazing QA team and they have been working away on this expansion longer than we know. Getting the content in the hands of streamers, building hype, and owning the game news cycle for a few days is just good for business.

Release –  Many in the Twitterverse are looking at the novel release date as the signal to say release will be later in the summer.



With Blizzard’s new publishing deal, I don’t see the release date for Before the Storm as a good indicator anymore. The time between book release and expansion release varies widely. Some being a month and some being six months. With that said, they will ship the expansion after the book, so, I say two weeks later. June 26th, 2018 for the release of BfA.

Sylvanas Battle for Azeroth Broximar Predictions

After BlizzCon

In the post-Battle for Azeroth announcement world, we are now in a waiting game. At the mercy of Blizzard and their announcement hype train.


August 31st, 2018 is a Friday. That is 276 days from the release of Antorus and easily the best transition between expansions. This would also put release two years after the release of Legion. A remarkable feat for the Warcraft team. However, if we go by the date I’ve chosen, it is only 210 days – almost three months less than Dragon Soul to Mists of Pandaria. I seem to have a lot of faith in Blizzard.

Allied Races Predictions Broximar

The next major announcement I expect, even before Beta, for is the sale of pre-orders. The information being data-mined on the PTR suggests my tweet from the week after BlizzCon could be more than a scattered thought.


There is too much being found on the PTR for us not to have the Legion races before the release of BfA. It is a good way to end the current expansion and give us a proper transition to pre-launch content.

Would Blizzard give major expansion content away for free? Highly unlikely. The only way I see this content becoming available is through pre-order. Meaning a nice chunk of change to start Q1 2018 for Activision Blizzard. The peer pressure of seeing everyone running around as Nightborne and Void Elf will also be high. No better way to market what’s coming than through the world of Azeroth herself.

When do expect Battle For Azeroth to release? Let me know in the comments!


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