Just Start! A look back at 30 straight days on Twitch

When I originally began the Minimalist Gamer idea in February, one of the criteria I set was Be Streamable. Until recently, this was the only item I was not living up to with the project. Adjusting to life with an infant did change my gaming habits. Spending most of my day carrying Devlin meant certain games (Overwatch) were not able to be played. This should not have stopped me from fulfilling the streaming portion, but, for some reason it did.

In September, I decided to commit to Twitch. 

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Just Start!

On August 28th, I made a sad-sack tweet about not being good at streaming and how I should leave it to those who belong on camera. The tweet has since been deleted but also worked as a catalyst for me to apply myself. September 1st, I had a chat with Kyla and told her I wanted to stream every day until BlizzCon. Excited to see me with a project, she agreed to help me out and I began on September 2nd.

The first few streams were rough. I wasn’t focused on the content I was creating as much as I was just working at getting the feel again. Balancing between chat, gameplay, social media, and the moments that happen when you have an infant strapped to your chest. But, the one thing I noticed was that I had consistent viewers. About five streams in I realized, Twitch Affiliate status was quite achievable and would be unlocked sooner rather than later.

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A Dozen Twitch Streams

I started out streaming for around an hour a day with an average of four viewers. Having been on the platform for years, I had the required amount of followers long before this project began. The requirements are quite attainable. It only took twelve days for me to receive my invite to the Twitch Affiliate program. Twelve days after starting I had my first subscriber. Twelve days to have my busker hat on the digital ground, making a small amount of money playing video games on the internet.

Broximar Twitch Affiliate

Twitch has made their program as accessible as possible and why wouldn’t they? Streamers are the primary product they sell. 


I love how the first line of the email creates the sense that your journey is just beginning. And to be honest, they’re right. After unlocking the Affiliate status, I looked at my stream differently. With more excitement. I wanted to provide more for the viewers. Be better. And I think that is the big takeaway for me – being better. I was looking for a fun challenge, but instead, I have found a new purpose. Growing my small little corner of the internet. I have much yet to do – better overlays, Discord set-up, emotes – but I am doing it on my schedule.

Well, what are you waiting for?

I made time every day for the last thirty to stream on Twitch. Not every stream was good. On some, I looked really tired. There were false starts. Streams cut short by being a Dad. But, I showed up every day. Now, I am entering month two with excitement and ideas. While I am a small streamer, with no aspirations to make a living at this, I consider myself a full-time. And this brings a smile to my face. I started something I had been putting off for months because of reasons that did not exist. There was actually nothing preventing me from starting the stream. It wasn’t because of Devlin. Kyla wasn’t stopping me. It was only me and the stories I kept telling myself.

The best thing I did last month was to shut up and start. 


Do you have a project you’ve wanted to start but haven’t? Why? What would happen if you just began today? Share your story in the comments.


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