Walking Away

Yesterday, I left Twitter.  As of right now, it is a temporary deprivation for Lent. But, one day after walking away, I already feel lighter. I know I have gained back time. I see relationships that will be stronger.

The next forty days will be free of retweets, mindless banter, memes and most of all – noise. (Note: I will be still sharing posts on Twitter via Buffer)


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But Lent? Really?! Okay, you got me. Yes, I am not a church-goer or even very religious, but I have always loved Lent and depriving yourself of something for a time. In retrospect, Lent was my first introduction to minimalism. But I fail at one major part of Lent, which is boasting about my sacrifice.

So, in the spiriting of boasting, here is all I am planning to give up in the next forty days.

Walking Away from Stuff

I will be doing an expanded forty day version of the MinsGame for Lent. One item on day one. Two on day two. And so on until day forty. 820 pieces of my life will be going out the door over the next 5+ weeks. This game will not be limited to physical items, but will also apply to the digital side of life and with the continuing of the minimalist gaming project.

And today is day one. A single book.

Walking Away Philosophy Warcraft Book

Others, such as Alt, have already joined in with her month of letting go. I will be using the hashtag #MinsGame40 on Instagram to track my progress. Please feel free to share and take part!

Walking Away from Expenses

Over the next few weeks, a critical look at our monthly costs – both personal and business related – will happen. This past weekend, we finally disconnected our home phone line.  It was barely used and gives us $29 back in our account each month. I am also giving up beer and the expense that comes with drinking. Beer and I have not been friendly to each other lately.  Nothing bad or dangerous has happened. I am just not feeling great after having one or two. Now is a good of a time as ever to pause and let my body recover.

Walking Away from Services

After recent online incidents such as Cloudbleed and the Amazon S3 failure, I will be taking a look at all web-based services I use and apply the 90/90 rule.

Questions to ask:

  • When did I last use the service?
  • Why would I need it again?
  • How might I be better without it?

When I streamlined how I used my phone earlier this year, the number of apps dropped in half. In eight weeks, I have not needed to re-install one removed app. It is time to do the same for services that are now useless and walk away.

I am optimistic and excited for how things will be by mid-April. Letting go now will make it easier to be prepared for May and the arrival of our child. It is the perfect time for one last big push before our life is forever changed. Because I am not doing it for me, but the kid.  I want the best space we can provide, and this is why I see this project being a success.

walking away is never wrong broximar

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  1. Yeah, I recently got rid of many services I wasn’t using. Kindle Unlimited, Google Music, Amazon Music, Audible, and Hulu. It’s liberating. All I have now is Netflix and Spotify. Not sure if Spotify will be making the cut next time.

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