5 add-ons for effective alt management in Warcraft

On Sunday night I finished the alt leveling. The plan I laid out was completed much quicker than I had anticipated. With 7.2 on the horizon, proper alt management becomes crucial.  When the new patch hits I will be switching back to the Hunter full time. Knowing the best way to maximize my time on my alts will make for a much more enjoyable and efficient experience.

The following five add-ons are how I keep tabs on my new roster of 110s.

Add-ons for effective alt management


The add-on I swear by more than any other. I would be lost if it was not for Altoholic to help me keep track of my characters. I primarily use it for inventory information to know who has what and what is in the guild bank. This add-on provides a wealth of information one click away by using the next add-on.

Alt Management Warcraft Altoholic

Titan Panel

There are multiple options for information bars in Warcraft. The one I have used since vanilla is Titan Panel. Some of the core information I use includes bag space, currency, and WoW Token price. The next add-on gives Titan the information I truly want and makes it shine.

Broker Everything

This add-on provides additional data options for information bars like Titan. A number of choices opened up by Broker Everything is staggering. The two I primarily use are Artifact Weapon and Emissary Quest. All the information for each character is one mouse hover away.



Keeping track off all the mount, toy, and pets drops shouldn’t need too complicated. Rarity will keep track for you. All attempts, weekly defeats, and the likelihood of the drop occurring are easily accessible through the add-on.

Alt Management Warcraft Rarity Add-On

Can I mog it?

Build your Transmog collection with the help of this add-on. Can I mog it? will store the information of all characters, so you know if a BoE is available to another character to learn. It is handy for those moments when gear drops while doing mount/pet runs and you don’t know if the item should be sent to an alt to learn, disenchant, or sell.

Alt Management Warcraft Can I mog it Add-On


Bonus Add-On!


I add TSM as a bonus because it is not as straightforward as the previously listed add-ons and I am not the best to explain it. There are many others out there (The Gold Queen, for one) who can help you walk through all the features. What it helps me do with alts is help me to decide if an item is sent to my banker to sell, my enchanter to disenchant or to vendor based on the auction house price and rate of sale. TSM also has great inventory management, similar to Altoholic.


How do you manage your alts? Am I missing an add-on crucial to alt management?  Let me know in the comments!

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