So, now what? Warcraft for a fresh 110

On Monday, I shared how to streamline the leveling process post 7.2.5. This post was written before the news of 7.3 catch-up mechanics and remains relevant until it is released. 

Congratulations on hitting 110! Now, what?

At this moment you’ve either just finished or in the middle of completing a Legion assault. Before you do anything else, learn Artifact Knowledge rank 40 (AK40). If you have not already sent a tome from your main to the alt which just dinged, log out and do this now.

 Broximar Warcraft At 110 Rogue
Once you’ve learned AK40, it is time to proceed with the rest of the process.

After learning AK40, if there are still Legion Assault quest locations active, I would complete them before pushing ahead on anything else. Since you are now getting gear, AP, significantly more resources, but most importantly – Nethershards. If you have four remaining, it is even better as you can complete the zone quest too!

At this juncture, you will need to finish your Class Hall campaign but also begin the Broken Shore questline.

Class Hall Campaign

Completing your class hall campaign and unlocking the third relic on your weapon is priority number one. After you hit 110, the remainder of the campaign will open up to you.

Continue doing all quests and keep up with your missions until you unlock the quest to do 10 World Quests. At this point, you will want to open up the Broken Shore. The reason behind opening up the Broken Shore area is to reach the quest [Defending Broken Isles]from Maiev to complete a Legion Assault. Completing the Legion Assault while working on the WQ class hall quest makes for a good use of your play time. Additionally, the Legion Assault is crucial to ensure you have 2500 Nethershards for Khadgar requires for the quest [Shard Times] which immediately follows the unlocking of your Class Hall Champion.

Broximar Warcraft 110 Broken Shore

Broken Shore Questline

Most of my recent leveling characters have been between 730 and 765 when they start the Broken Shore intro scenario. But, here is the thing about the scenario – most of it can be completed by the NPCs – all you need to do is tag mobs and let them do the rest! Take some time and let the computer do the work

Once the Broken Shore is opened up to you, you may be tempted to start upgrading your gear with dauntless tokens. If you do start buying items, make sure you don’t fall below 2500. If you do fall below, don’t go any lower than what you can make back during an invasion. Look at 2500 as basically zero until you complete Shard Times.

After receiving the shards back from Khadgar, I spend every last one upgrading my gear using Dauntless Tokens. Following the spending spree, the alt is usually around 845-865 depending on the luck of the roll and ready to complete the rest of the Broken Shore. The following quests can be completed rather quickly through group finder. Mark of the SentinaxIntolerable Infestation, and Take Out the Head… groups always fill up if there isn’t one already started. 

The quests which can slow you down a bit are Self-Fulfilling Prophecy and  Championing Our Cause. Self-Fulfilling due to twelve world quests never being up at one time. Championing because you may not have a group out on a Broken Shore mission. You can avoid the delay with the mission, have your champions out on a Broken Shore mission before accepting the quest. 

Once you’ve turned in Championing Our Cause, you’re 100 demons away from beginning the mount quest. The easiest way I’ve found, if [Exterminating with Imputnity] is not an active world quest, is to join a Sentinax group through the group finder.  With 100 more demons now dead, talk to Maiev and begin the hunt for your new ride.

Broximar Warcraft 110 Ban-Lu Monk Mount

Depending on the class, you’re anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes away from having your mount. Well done!

Legion content is good content

I have never understood the complaint “I have nothing to do” when playing Warcraft. With the addition of Artifacts, Class Hall Campaigns, and Class Mounts in Legion, Blizzard has given us some of the best content they’ve ever released. Lore, story, quest mechanics, and rewards are all superb. So, I challenge you – before 7.3 is released – try a new class, log in to that neglected alt, or roll the other faction. I’ve shown that it won’t take up much of your time and who knows? You may just find something new to fall in love with in-game.

Bonus: Must Have Add-Ons

For efficient leveling and quality of life improvements, while making your way through the Broken Shore, I highly recommend using the following three add-ons:

World Quest Group Finder

Legion Invasion Timer

Handy Notes with Broken Shore

Why do you or don’t you level alts? Are there classes you prefer more than others? Let us know in the comments!

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