Playing with Purpose | An update on Warcraft Minimalism

It has been almost a month since I began the minimalist gamer project. The decision to attempt Warcraft minimalism has reinvigorated my interest in the game reaching a level is hasn’t been at since Burning Crusade. While I did log in every day during Warlords of Garrisons, I did not necessarily find it fun. It was more of a requirement because of all the gold to be made. But now, having a renewed purpose, a goal and a project to work on every time I enter the game, it makes for an incredible playing experience. The fun has returned to Azeroth, and it was all because of the following three steps.

warcraft minimalism nightfallen

Warcraft Minimalism Revisited

The process laid out in my first post on Warcraft minimalism works extremely well. The three steps I use for minimalism in daily life transferred over to the game perfectly. It is almost like World of Warcraft operates as a parallel life. Who knew? To be honest, I thought this would be much more trial and error. Instead, I got it right the first time.  Good job, me! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Step one: Declutter

The archiving of characters turned out better than I had anticipated. Each archived character had their bank cleaned up and reduced to 500 gold. I now have no reason to log in to any of these characters until I am ready to level them. Just as with decluttering in my everyday life, every item was sscrutinized for its value and  placed into one of three categories:

  • Sell
  • Donate
  • Trash

Anything worth selling was mailed to my bank toon to put on the AH.   Mats and other fun items were placed in the guild bank for others to use. The remaining gear, soulbound items, and holiday goodies were deleted.

warcraft minimalism archived character

The new decluttering project will be my UI and addons. I’m not a fan of how cluttered my screen looks while playing and I know of the 108 addons I have installed there are some I no longer use. I want to have an easier time taking screenshots and just less noise when I look at my screen.  To show you want I am working with, here is the screen from when the Shaman hit 104.

warcraft minimalism ui clutter

Not the worst, but there are many aspects where it can improve.

Step Two: Plan

The Warlock dinged 110 just as the world quest bonus week began. It was perfect timing to launch a new max level character. I started leveling the Shammy on Sunday and, my goodness, do I love playing Enhancement. I am not usually a fan of melee, but the rotation is smooth and has surprisingly good survivability.

One thing I forgot when I laid out the original guide – the Shaman is a leatherworker. Because of this, I tweaked the leveling plan and demoted the second hunter who was my leatherworker before the faction change.

  1. Warlock (Inscription) ✓
  2. Shaman (Leatherworker) ✓
  3. Death Knight (Enchanter/Alchemist) ✓
  4. Paladin (Blacksmith/Engineer) Currently leveling, now 102
  5. Druid
  6. Monk
  7. Warrior
  8. Priest
  9. Rogue (Alliance)
  10. Forsaken Hunter

warcraft minimalism shaman doomhammer

Step three: Adjust

Steps one and two makes step three easy to maintain. Last week, during the world quest event, I made it a focus to level the Warlock to 110 to take advantage of the event.  I ended up completing the bonus on all four 110 characters. This week, I will try to complete five timewalking dungeons on each max level character while leveling the Shaman.  If the Shaman reaches 110 by Monday, she will also complete the bonus event. I already have Yu’lei, so the only reason I have to finish the event bonus is gear for alts and maybe a toy or pet. Nothing crucial, so no stress, which is what we want.

warcraft minimalism yu'lei


Another adjustment I made related to Warcraft was the removal of the Armory App and Legion Companion App on my iPhone. This change is to establish a boundary for playing and make it more intentional. Warcraft only happens now when I sit at my PC.

Consistency is key in any endeavor.

World of Warcraft is something that I do for leisure. The Warcraft minimalism project has reminded me of this fact more than any other thing I have done. By applying the core values laid out last month, I have completely altered my view of the game. I am having fun. None of the grinds that Blizzard is placing in front of me feel vital – because they have never been. Warcraft minimalism is my new reality, and I love it. All I do now is just stick to my plan and play.

What are your motivations to play?  Do you have a plan or just go with the flow? Let me know in the comments!

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