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We have now been with Patch 7.2 for three weeks. I did not want to rush into this post. I needed some time to decompress, to reflect, and to be amazed at how good we have it right now.

Patch 7.2 Azsuna

A Whole New World

I was ready to push for Pathfinder: Part Two when the patch went live. I was expecting a drawn out process, but surprisingly, it was not a grind. Two weeks, with less than an hour of play time a day, is all it took for me to unlock flying. With more and more people unlocking the skies, I have no sympathy for those who believe this is a “tough grind.” Leveling unarmed in Vanilla was a tough grind. Bloodsail Buccaneer rep is a tough grind. You will reach the revered just by playing the game.  Spare me the tears. Take a look at the Warcraft hashtag on Twitter, if you need motivation. Every tenth tweet seems to be someone new unlocking the achievement.

Patch 7.2 Feldrake Flying

Once airborne, the world opens up once again. The impact of flying on the Broken Isles simply means everything happens faster.  World quests and Emissary requirements are quicker to complete. Archaeology is worth your time (Worth Your Weight took me 25 minutes and netted 5000+ gold).  Mat farming is less of a chore. Flying improves on an already great experience in Legion.

With new horizons to pursue

I have said it many times on this blog, but Legion is the best expansion to be playing alts. Leveling is smooth. Zone design is top notch. With the storyline being drip released each week leading up to the release of Tomb of Sargeras, what the Warcraft team is not so subtlely saying is “DO OTHER THINGS IN GAME.”

Patch 7.2 Demon Hunter Campaign

Since unlocking Pathfinder, I have taken my DH, DK, and Warlock through the Broken Shore story. It takes roughly two hours to complete all the content currently released. Once completed, there is nothing but catch-up mechanics in front of you. Yesterday, my Demon Hunter jumped in gear score from 852 to 882. By completing her class campaign, Apocron loot, and a few dauntless drops she now has a higher gear score than my main. Because of this, I have started tanking for the first time since Cataclysm. I would never have thought I would be tanking this expansion, yet, here we are. And the best part, I like it!

A wondrous place

The best part of Patch 7.2 is the freedom it provides. The Broken Isles is built with flying in mind. It adds to the experience by expanding your ability to do other things. Flying creates a new game but feels like an extension of the plan, not tacked on as it was in Draenor.

Soon many of us will be back in the swing of raiding the Tomb. However, I challenge you to look at your time in Azeroth right now and do something you have been putting off. You may be surprised how little time it takes.

How have things changed for you with flying?  Let me know in the comments!


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