Why I play

Recently, while streaming Warcraft, I was asked a relatively straightforward question:

“How do you still play this game?”

Aside from the obvious answer “I log in,” I was a bit dumbfounded. I had never been asked about my allegiance to World of Warcraft over other Blizzard Games or even other video games in general. The thought of why I still played or cared about an over 12-year-old game, hadn’t crossed my mind. It took me a moment to process, and then it hit me – playing Warcraft pays the bills.

Gold Making Playing Warcraft

For Fun

I always thought the primary reason I continued to play Warcraft was to be part of “The Community.” While this is true to some degree, I played the game for a long time before I found other players through Instagram or Twitter. I played for a long time before I ever thought of making the trip to BlizzCon. The one constant from all my years in the game – I love making gold.

In 2006,  just after I quit my retail management job, I rolled my hunter. Bladefist-US had just gone live, and I had lots of time to play – to the point where I was the second person to enter the Barrens. At that point, I had a rudimentary understanding of the Auction House but a solid grasp on sales methods. The professions I had in the early days of the server were mining and engineering. Engineering was a temporary pick as I knew I was switching to jewelcrafting once Burning Crusade was released. But, knowing everyone was in the same spot, I took full advantage of selling mats and guns. This was my early taste to gold making.

Playing Warcraft 2006 Auction House

But those were the early days. Now, I have a full slate of alts with every profession. There are add-ons to track your gold and mats across characters. I have TSM, Auctioneer, Auctionator, and spreadsheets to help me break down margins, find deals and post with efficiency.  I am a much better gold maker than when I started. But, that is the key here – you have to start! The auction house is not hard to figure out, and once you get the basics down, you make gold even when you’re not logged in.  How can you say no to that?

For Profit

I believe this is the easiest time to be making gold – even easier than with the garrison. Simply by doing world quests each day, you will make a few thousand gold. But, the auction house is still the best place to go. There are guides you can follow from The Gold Queen to help get you started. You can watch Gumdrop’s stream. Or you can check out Reddit. If you need even more ideas on what to sell just search the GoldMaking hashtag on Twitter – you’ll find loads of ideas. But, to me, one of the best places to start is your bank. You probably have a pile of gold sitting in there doing nothing for you. Remember at the end of the day, all of these items you’re hanging on to are just ones and zeroes. You have an opportunity to create actual value from them. Don’t waste this chance!

Playing Warcraft Token Balance

When Blizzard finally introduced the ability to convert the WoW Token to Blizzard Balance on February 6th, I dropped everything I was doing and ran to my computer. Playing for all of these years finally paid off! I bought up a significant number of tokens, and in retrospect, I should have bought even more. While I always thought of Warcraft as a game, this sudden change in how the token work turned it into the Sugar Daddy for my other Blizzard games.  I haven’t paid for a Blizzard item since my initial token buying spree.

What I have bought using Warcraft Gold:
  • Lucio in Heroes of the Storm
  • A faction change for my shaman
  • Un’Goro pre-order in Hearthstone
  • Gems in Heroes of the Storm
  • 11 Overwatch Uprising Loot Boxes
  • Necromancer Character Pack
  • Frozen Throne pre-order in Hearthstone
  • Four BlizzCon Virtual Tickets
  • A server change for my Druid
  • Kobolds & Catacombs pre-order in Hearthstone

$385 worth of Blizzard products with not a single penny out of pocket.

So, I guess the honest answer to the question asked during my stream: I log in to not have to give Blizzard more of my money.

Have you used WoW gold for other Blizzard goods? What did you get?  Let me know in the comments!

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