Walking Away

Yesterday, I left Twitter.  As of right now, it is a temporary deprivation for Lent. But, one day after walking away, I already feel lighter. I know I have gained back time. I see relationships that will be stronger.

The next forty days will be free of retweets, mindless banter, memes and most of all – noise. (Note: I will be still sharing posts on Twitter via Buffer)


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But Lent? Really?! Okay, you got me. Yes, I am not a church-goer or even very religious, but I have always loved Lent and depriving yourself of something for a time. In retrospect, Lent was my first introduction to minimalism. But I fail at one major part of Lent, which is boasting about my sacrifice.

So, in the spiriting of boasting, here is all I am planning to give up in the next forty days.

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Lazy Sunday Morning Links Vol. 4

The last Sunday of February. How is it almost March already? The fourth volume of Lazy Sunday Morning Links and it is becoming easier to compile each time. Gotta love it!

I hope you find value in one of the items posted. As always, thanks for stopping by and have a great week!

Lazy Sunday Morning Links

Eyes and Ears

Song:  Strangers by Tritonal | While everyone is losing their mind over Zedd’s new track, I have been listening to the new Tritonal and chillin’. Piercing the Quiet was one of my favorite releases of 2011 and remains my favorite driving album, so any new Tritonal is great in my books. Now, if we could just get some new Above & Beyond…
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Returning to focus

This week I lost the narrative. One simple action derailed two days and I allowed it.  No one else. It took 48 hours for my focus to return.

Ian Malcolm Returning to Focus

It started as a simple reply to a tweet from the Warcraft twitter account. I thought, like with many of my previous tweets to Blizzard accounts it would have a few interactions. Maybe one or two retweets. Probably a dozen or so likes.  I was wrong. Horribly, horribly wrong.

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Applying Minimalism to the World of Warcraft: My first steps

When I began floating the idea of applying minimalism to the World of Warcraft experience, I had very little idea what it entailed. I knew that my interest in the game was waning. Anytime I logged in I was feeling overwhelmed by the options in front of me. I wanted to be playing the game. I just didn’t know how anymore.  Something had to change which is why I decided to look for a solution.

Minimalism to the World of Warcraft Dalaran


In my day-to-day life minimalism has brought me many positive outcomes. Through decluttering, I have less to worry about, less to clean and less to maintain. By removing the unnecessary, I can focus my time on what matters to me and move forward without being concerned I should be doing something else. I can set a plan of how I want my life to look and make intentional decisions. Limiting the things in my life to only those that matter means I am no longer tied down by any misplaced attention.

Days become more enjoyable. Each action is intentional. My ability to adjust is greater since I do not have as much on the go.


These are all things I want in my World of Warcraft life.

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Lazy Sunday Morning Links Vol. 3

Another week complete. The last seven days were a whirlwind one for Kyla and me, ending on a bit of a trying note. But, we will get through. We always do. This weekly feature was started to help me remember the positive points of the week. I hope you find something enjoyable as well.

Lazy Sunday Morning Links

Eyes and Ears

Song:  Love by Lana Del Rey | I have no shame in sharing my love for Lana Del Rey. I own a shirt which is just her face (cover of Born to Die). On the 18th, she released a new single, Love. Excited to hear more new songs and all the remixes to follow.

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Renewal by removal: my first week as a minimalist gamer

I am now a week into my new project as a minimalist gamer. It has been a week of removal and subtraction.  A week of analysis and reflection. The last seven days are the start of a path to more intentional gaming. I am happy with the results, and I’m enjoying the time more when I do decide to play.

minimalist gamer desk warcraft

The first thing I did to help me establish what I mean by minimalist gamer was to identify the three things most important to me while gaming. (For you, it may be two, it may be five. I would advise not going over five.)

  1. Enjoy my time
  2. Limit the options
  3. Be streamable

With these points in mind, I began to look at my gaming life in more detail.

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Lazy Sunday Morning Links Vol.2

Welcome to the second installment of Sunday Morning Links. I made it two weeks – good job me!

Lazy Sunday Morning Links

Eyes and Ears

Song / Album:  Love and Great Buildings from Zombies on Broadway by Andrew Mcmahon | Maybe it is a fact Something Corporate, and Jack’s Mannequin have played such an important part of my life, especially with Kyla, but whenever Andrew McMahon puts out new music, it gets pushed right to the top for me. While I would not call this his best release, it is a nice, upbeat, 38-minute distraction from the world.

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Digital Survival Kit: 2017 Edition

Welcome to my digital survival kit for 2017. I’m pleasantly surprised to see many of the apps on my 2016 edition are carried over to the new year.digital survival 2017 (Last year is on my old  Tumblr. Yeah, I know. Let’s not? Okay? Ok.) A few apps and services I phased out either changed their purpose due to API alterations – Iconosquare – or were not the right fit and became chores – Habitica and Forest. What the following list covers are the day-to-day apps I use to run our house and daily life, not our business. For the full list of services we use to run the business, please head over to Kyla’s tools page.
An important part of my digital survival which is not an app or service is the layout of my home screen. I use this layout to keep the high use on the first page. Occasional use on the second page and rarely used on the third. One every page I only use the first two rows for apps or folders. The search function is used to find and open most apps. Quicker from the home screen than sliding through pages and folders.

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