There for the taking: An attempt at the #2017FlipChallenge

When I found out about Gary Vaynerchuk‘s 2017FlipChallenge, it was late March. The challenge is simple. Take the stuff laying around your house/condo/apartment and sell it with the target of earning $20,170 for the year. Fairly straightforward. But, I will let Gary Vee lay it all out for you.

I was excited to start. Ready to find and post all the items I could. But, I ran into one little roadblock – I had already given away, donated, recycled,  or thrown out hundreds of things in the months leading up to the discovery of the 2017FlipChallenge.

I had to get creative, tweak some rules, and see how much I could make in a little over eight months.

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More doesn’t mean better: Allied Races & Warcraft Minimalism

Allied Races are on their way. With each build, the PTR gives us more information about their story, their perks, and everything else they entail. By the looks of things, the pre-order for the expansion at the end of January is not out of the question. This puts me in a bit of a bind.

My last update to the Warcraft Minimalism project was back in April. (Where has the year gone?) At that time, I was planning to hunt for a new guild and become a main only player. Two weeks after the post published, Devlin was born and the search for a guild placed on permanent hiatus.

Minimizing my character load did make it easy to level up my alts and get all of the class mounts over the summer. But, it has left me it an unexpected position. With Allied Races joining the fight soon, how do they fit within the parameters I set for myself?

Let’s figure this out…

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Lazy Sunday Morning Links Vol. 13

Far too long between round-ups, but here we are. Two months since the last Sunday Morning Links.  I knew an infant would mess with my schedule but not to this extent. Fun Fact: It took 9 hours for me to complete my Travel post on Friday.

Now… To Links!

Lazy Sunday Morning Links

Eyes and Ears

Podcast: The Couragecast from Andrea Crisp | Episode 10 features my boss, and wife, Kyla Roma. Kyla speaks on how she has adapted to life with GAD, Depression, and Bi-polar II all while building a business that supports our family and lifestyle. I am so proud of her strength, resilience, and heart.

Kyla Roma Links Broximar



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Experiences not things; Minimalist Travel Packing (Plus Blizzcon Tips)

I first adopted Minimalist Travel techniques while working as a sales rep for Staples. My role had me traveling at least once a month by plane to either Toronto or Thunder Bay. Since time is money, the less time spent at the airport, the better. Waiting for baggage was a waste of time. This is how I first started traveling carry-on only.

While carry-on worked for business, it took me a few more years to adopt it for personal travel. After a trip to Boston in 2014, where we almost couldn’t get home due to the amount of stuff we had, I realized I never wanted to be a slave to my bags again. For the three week trip Kyla and I took to Europe the following year, we scrutinized every last thing we packed and made carry-on only work. Seven trips later, we still  haven’t checked a bag.  This includes our trip most recent trip in August to Ontario with Devlin.

Family Packing Minimalist Travel Broximar

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Just Start! A look back at 30 straight days on Twitch

When I originally began the Minimalist Gamer idea in February, one of the criteria I set was Be Streamable. Until recently, this was the only item I was not living up to with the project. Adjusting to life with an infant did change my gaming habits. Spending most of my day carrying Devlin meant certain games (Overwatch) were not able to be played. This should not have stopped me from fulfilling the streaming portion, but, for some reason it did.

In September, I decided to commit to Twitch. 

Create Twitch Broximar

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So, now what? Warcraft for a fresh 110

On Monday, I shared how to streamline the leveling process post 7.2.5. This post was written before the news of 7.3 catch-up mechanics and remains relevant until it is released. 

Congratulations on hitting 110! Now, what?

At this moment you’ve either just finished or in the middle of completing a Legion assault. Before you do anything else, learn Artifact Knowledge rank 40 (AK40). If you have not already sent a tome from your main to the alt which just dinged, log out and do this now.

 Broximar Warcraft At 110 Rogue
Once you’ve learned AK40, it is time to proceed with the rest of the process.

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Azeroth in the Summer: The lazy days of alts

My time in Azeroth usually slows during the summer months. Last summer, I had little time to play due to family responsibilities I touched on last week. We also had the tail end of Warlords wearing on everyone and the anticipation of the big push to Legion. This year, however, Devlin significantly altered my ability to play. Being at home almost 24-7, and being awake at all sorts of hours made for a higher chance to log-in, but not necessarily more playtime.

Broximar Azeroth Druid Alt 

This summer I have been able to do something I have never done less than a year into an expansion – have all my alts at max level. And it wasn’t that hard to do thanks to the Warcraft Minimalism project (Please return to the intro post to understand the how it all started).  After the release of 7.2.5 on June 13th added heirlooms up to 110, the process of leveling became a cakewalk.

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How embracing minimalism prepared me for parenthood

A year ago, I dove headfirst into embracing minimalism as a lifestyle.

Kyla’s grandmother passed at the end of June 2016. It blindsided all of us. Less than 24 hours after the ambulance took her to the hospital, she was gone. At that time, I had also recently quit my job of nine years and began to do work with Kyla. Our work together was put on hold for all of July 2016, so I could help prep her grandmother’s house for sale.

As this was happening, I had also recently rediscovered The Minimalists. I had looked at their blog a few times before, but never with any seriousness. It was interesting, but I wasn’t ready for it. Their documentary, Minimalism, had a screening in town a few weeks before the death in the family. I connected with Joshua and Ryan as someone who had quit a corporate job and was looking for something else. Being tasked with cleaning out a house of almost 50 years, made their words even stronger. I would spend my entire time purging, cleaning, and prepping items for sale listening to their podcast. Completely emptying a house in a couple of weeks made me want to do the same to our house and life.

Two weeks after we finished prepping the house for sale, Kyla was pregnant.

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And then there was one: A new direction for Warcraft Minimalism

I have hit a roadblock with the Warcraft Minimalism project. The plan I laid out for this patch is not working. Flying has made everything easier and, in turn, feels as if I should be doing it all. I know this is not the case, but I am struggling. I called Patch 7.2 the first true test and I even though I praised flying last week, something’s not quite right. A new direction is needed.

Weapon New Directions Warcraft Minimalism


Something drastic must take place.

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Lazy Sunday Morning Links Vol.10

The Sunday Morning Links return after a few weeks away. I’ll be honest, my motivation was just not what it needed to be to get the posts completed. Also, I very little content to share from being head down in work. Now, things have slowed down and I was able to go down a few rabbit holes. Below is what I found.

Lazy Sunday Morning Links

Eyes and Ears

Video: Hard Times by Paramore | I have been listening to this new Paramore track way too much since it dropped on Thursday. Paramore has been a constant in my life since 2005. Songs from All We Know is Falling still have a spot on my running mixes. The new song is hit of 80s nostalgia mixed with mid-aughts pop-punk. My wheelhouse.


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